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10. toufiq (site web) 21/09/2011

dima raja tal mot

11. zarki (site web) 30/06/2011

dima raja wtn nhani ga3 la3bin w hta si fakhir l9am mjhod f akhr dwrat kntmna tb9a raja fhad ltjah sahih
mbrok nejma 2011 solo raja raja raja

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dima raja ou kan9oule ljmi3 rajawiyin ghadi trj3 raja lblassa lha9i9iyaghirkouno hanin.[]

14. amine (site web) 25/09/2010

solo raja

15. amine (site web) 25/09/2010

ca va tous les rajawi

16. simona (site web) 24/06/2010

i love you mona et raja oymoto l3dian

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19. salma rajawiya 20/05/2010


20. drise (site web) 07/05/2010


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